Voting Results

So the voting is done and everything counted, and the proposal has passed.  Now you are thinking “what happens next?” . 
This is what happens. 
Starting officially on June 12th of this year, the public will be able to shop whenever they want. Active owners get a discount that will be taken at the register. 
If you are inactive you will not get the discount. You become inactive if you are more than one shift behind.  
My advice- bank shifts. Our shift system is designed for this. If you have banked shifts you will never be behind. 
But every active owner that is behind on shifts goes to zero when this starts. Its a new beginning for all owners.  

If you are inactive, work a shift before June 12th and you will get reset to zero as well.  Think of this as Amnesty Month.

Finally, this month is our Ownership Drive. So the public can shop all month at owner prices. This event will be extended to June 12th when the the structural change goes into effect and the prices will go up for non owners. 
Any questions please do not hesitate to ask Lee or myself. 


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