The Co-operative Re-THINK Survey (RESULTS)

Thanks to everyone who attended last nights Re-Think session with our community neighbors NCBI MISSOULA (and to all of you who completed the survey). There was some thoughtful discussion (AND A LOT OF COOPERATION)- more opportunities are coming to guide your Food Co-op successfully into the future WHILE HAVING A HUGE IMPACT ON AFFORDABLE ACCESS! Next steps….look for coming information in the weekly email, scheduled planning meetings and fill fill fill those empty shifts!!!

Check out the Re-Think Survey results here:

Analysis of Text Responses

Question 3 All Responses

Question 5 Active Owners

Question 5 Additional Shopper, Inactive, Other

Question 8 Active Owners

Question 8 Additional Shopper, Inactive, Other
















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  1. David Peterson

    Granted I’ve only been in Spokane a short time, but I have been over here numerous times before relocating to the area. There are many grat features about the town which my wife and I do like, one however is not the topic of food.. Grocery shoping here is difficult at best, Expensive also. Some of the items are less expensive but of the staple items I purchased in the Coop in Missoula are much more expensive. And the selection of products and quality is much lower. Though the coop and other stores where groceries are available are much larger, much of the store space is dedicated to frozen meals and wine and beer. Very little to fresh food, and meat. And the prices on meat, poultry and fish is rather insulting. The quality of the fish here, as well as the selection is also fairly poor compared to the coop. The only place I’ve found so far is Rosauers, which is at least worker owned.. So to think things are bad over there, well, they aren’t compared to the real world. Your selection of dairy and non dairy products is damn fine, and located all in one store. You can find the same things here, but one must drive thirty miles.. As I said, I do like it here, but I am hoping that I find some better niche locations which are improving.. And there are trends which are developing in town where younger people and cut in older folks are driving the movement towards improvement in diet. The food scene in the restaurants is improving, though you can not believe the ratings, people have rather pedestrian tastes when it comes to rating Restaurants.. Denny’s? Really good Mexican food, authentic and plentiful.. No breakfasts to compare with the Bistro though. Bummer. So enjoy your good fortunes. You really do have a great deal of luck having the Coop, with its great selection, prices, and availability.. No joke.

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