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Product Policy

Product Policy (3-31-11)

MCFC makes it a priority to stock healthy, fresh, bulk, natural and, as much as possible, local products.  The Co-op strives to increase the affordability of basic healthful foods to as broad an array of people as possible.  The membership welcomes cooperative suppliers, local producers and farmers and other suppliers that reflect goals similar to the Co-op’s purpose statement.*

As a member-driven and supported cooperative, the MCFC wishes to honor member product requests.  As current store space limits the amount of processed and prepared foods that can be regularly shelved, members are encouraged to special order the food that is not currently available for purchase in the store space.  Staff will gladly special order processed and prepared foods by the case and notify members when orders are available for pick up.

MCFC members recognize that food choices are highly personal and that some products or additives that are acceptable to some are not acceptable to others.  MCFC urges members to read ingredient labels on all products to see how well they correspond to individual preferences. To alert members to products with potentially controversial ingredients, the Product Committee will develop a system for flagging items that contain these ingredients and will look to offer alternative products whenever possible.

Product selection policies at the Co-op are not set in stone and reflect member preferences as interpreted by the Product Committee.  The following section titled “Product Selection Values” is a working document and member feedback is always welcomed.  The guidelines are not ranked in any order of priority.

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