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How-To Sign Up for Shifts: A Guide to the Calendars

Are you looking for a permanent regular shift? Click on “Shift Calendar” Select the appropriate job from the tabs along the bottom of the page. The pink blocks are your options for permanent regular shifts.  Choose one. Are you looking one time fill-in shift? Click on FTOP Calendar from homepage. Select the appropriate job from the tabs along the …

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Shift Calendars

Shift Calendars Open Shifts Calendars ABCDCalendar2013

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Shift Swap

Click here to swap a shift.

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Communication Logs

Cashier Log     Stocker Log    

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By-laws  |  MCFC BY-LAWS (Last Update 11-17-11) Product Policy  |  MCFC Product Policy Ownership Manual  |   MCFC Ownership Manual More about Becoming a Board Member  |   Board Candidate Packet 2013

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Owner Meetings

Schedule Agendas Minutes    

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Marketing/ Outreach/ Engagement M/O/E Committee Recruiting – Owners interested in engaging other owners, finding new owners, and marketing and/or design savvy folks. Product Committee Duties -Following up with new product requests, keeping watch that current and new  products follow our current Product Policy, etc. Recruiting -Owners interested in researching products and related issues. Finance Committee …

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Owner Discussion

Member Discussion Group  Tweet

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