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Ownership FAQs

Q: How do I participate in the Co-op?

A: Click here for info.

Q:  Do I have to be a owner to shop at the Co-op?

A: No! As of July 2016, we are open to the public! Active worker-owners, however, get a lot of cool perks, such as a 10% discount on all purchases and a voice in this democratically-run business.

Q: Can I check it out before I join?

A: Yes. Come shop and talk to worker-owners who are working at the store! You can also attend orientation, which is held each Wednesday at 630PM at the Co-op.

Q: How much will I save on my food costs?

A:  On average our owners can expect to save anywhere from 10%-15% on their groceries each time they shop. This does not mean that the Co-op will always be competitive with sale items in other stores, but overall, costs will be lower.

Q: Can I expect future prices to be lower?

A: Yes!!! As our our sales increase, we will be buying in greater volume, which in turn will make us eligible for distributor discounts. This will be passed on to our owners in the form of lower prices. So the more you shop the Co-op, the more you’ll save!

Q: How does the Co-op price its products

A: Unlike other stores we price our products strictly by how much they cost us, passing along discounts and sales to our owners.

Q: Does the Co-op accept EBT (Food Stamp Benefits)?

A: Yes. And those who use EBT can also benefit from the amazing Double SNAP Program!

Q:  Does the Co-op accept WIC? 

A:  No. Unfortunately, the Co-op has been denied WIC eligibility. We may attempt to re-apply in the future, depending on the demands of our owners.

Q: Does the Co-op have family ownership?

A: No. Each adult (18 or older) member of a household must fulfill ownership requirements to be able to shop at the Co-op. This policy is based on the foundational principles of non-discrimination and equality. We encourage all members of a household to join at the same time and to work out a payment schedule that suits you. Any member can work the hours for any other member.

Q: Does the Co-op have parental leave?

A: Yes. Parents of a newborn can take up to 1 year of leave fro the co-op, six months each, for each child.

Q: Does the Co-op have childcare for while you work?

A: While the Co-op does not provide childcare, one owner may take care of another owner’s kids while one works a shift and both owners get credit for the shift hours worked.

Q: Does the Co-op have a policy for owners with disabilities?

A: Owners who are unable to work a shift at the Co-op due to any kind of disability can receive an exemption from the work requirement. Owners who can fulfill some function at the Co-op will be asked to do so on a case-by-case basis.

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