Own the Co-op

Owners of the Missoula Community Food Co-op get to:

  •  Buy high quality local, bulk, organic and whole foods at affordable prices, which continue to go down as our sales increase. Through our working members, we are able to keep our mark-up significantly lower than anywhere else, passing savings on to you.
  • Participate in the operation of a democratically-run business where, as a voting member-owner, your voice counts.
  • Strengthen the economy, build community, and increase our food security by supporting local farmers and producers.
  • Work with fellow owners toward a common vision, through true cooperation.
  • Receive weekly emails about in-store specials, including the weekly “veggie bag,” $13 for a bounty of that week’s produce.
  • Be creative, get inspired, and have fun!

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How to Become an Owner

The Missoula Community Food Co-op is proud to be one of few working owner co-ops in the country. By keeping paid staff to a minimum, we can keep our prices low. When owners work together, we all share in the pride of ownership. It’s fun and rewarding to run a business with people in your community!   1.  …

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Ownership FAQs

Q: How do I participate in the Co-op? A: Click here for info. Q:  Do I have to be a owner to shop at the Co-op? A: Yes. However, you can shop at the Co-op three times without being a member, before you decide to join. Q: Can I check it out before I join? A: Yes. …

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Additional Shopper Program

All active members may add one Additional Shopper to their membership. Enrollment starts January 1st Administration Fee: $36 per year Additional Shopper will receive their own card and number after completing the steps outlined below. Steps to becoming Additional Shopper  1) Complete Additional Shopper application with your sponsoring member.   → Application Form  2) Pay annual administrative fee …

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  1. Nicole Bitterauf

    I am hoping to become a member and join the co-op crew! Where’s the best place to start?

    1. The best place to start is by stopping by the store (1500 Burns Street). You can shop 3 times as a visitor and we all the information for joining at Member Services desk.

      See you soon, the Co-op crew!

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