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Additional Shopper Program

  • All active members may add one Additional Shopper to their membership.
  • Enrollment starts January 1st
  • Administration Fee: $36 per year
  • Additional Shopper will receive their own card and number after completing the steps outlined below.

Steps to becoming Additional Shopper

 1) Complete Additional Shopper application with your sponsoring member.

  → Application Form

 2) Pay annual administrative fee (may be paid by sponsor).

 3) Complete an orientation: paper handouts in the store, online (link below) or at a new member orientation (see Co-op events calendar).

  → Additional Shopper Orientation

          **Be sure to fill-out completion form (via link) at the end of the presentation**


More Information          

At the January 2012 Monthly Member Meeting, Co-op members acknowledged the acute and immediate need to increase the Co-op’s revenue. In response, these members voted to create a committee that would draft a clearly defined plan to be presented to the Co-op membership for a vote. Specifically, this committee’s plan would address the proposition of increasing sales by allowing individuals who are not active working members to regularly shop at the Co-op. A group of 19 Co-op members created the proposed trial program below.

Proposal:  All active working members can add one Additional Shopper (AS) to their membership. To add an Additional Shopper, an administrative fee must be paid and the Additional Shopper must attend an orientation to acquaint them with the Co-op and its mission. Additional Shoppers will not be required to work a monthly shift, but consequently will not be granted member voting rights or any other member privileges. This trial program is not a change in membership classes, but rather an additional benefit for working members to utilize if they choose. We intend the Additional Shopper program as an opportunity to address the needs of our active members, to regain inactive members, and potentially to build new relationships with individuals in our community who are currently experiencing barriers to active Co-op membership.


Additional Shopper
Administrative Fee: $36 per year

  • A $3 per month prorated amount must be paid in full with application.

Benefits: Additional Shopper may shop at the Co-op as long as the sponsoring member is in active status.  An Additional Shopper does not have voting rights or any other member benefits.

Additional Shopper must do the following in order to shop at the Co-op:

  1. Complete Additional Shopper application with sponsoring active member signature.
  2. Pay the annual administrative fee (may be paid by the sponsoring active member).
  3. Attend an orientation.  Additional Shopper will be issued a card and number after completing orientation.

Working:  Only active working members will work shifts at the Co-op. Additional Shoppers who have transferred from active working member status cannot work for other members. If the Additional Shopper would like to work a shift, they are welcome to become an active working member.

What is the trial period meant to address?  The trial period for adding Additional Shoppers is designed to increase revenue and help achieve the Co-op’s short-term financial solvency. It does not address current or potential shortfalls in the shift schedule.

What will happen at the end of the trial period?
At the end of the trial period, or sooner if the Board of Directors deems it necessary, an evaluation of this program will be presented to members. At this time members can to decide to modify this trial program, end the program all together, extend the evaluation period, or establish the program as Co-op policy.

How can I become an Additional Shopper? Every Additional Shopper is associated with an active working member and, therefore, will need to be added by a current member in good standing. Either the Additional Shopper or the active member may pay the administrative fee associated with initiating an Additional Shopper.

As an active member in good standing, who can I sponsor as an Additional Shopper? Does my Additional Shopper need to be related to me or live in the same household? A member in good standing may choose any person to sponsor as an Additional Shopper. The Additional Shopper does not need to be related to the sponsoring active member or live in the same household.

What if filling shifts becomes an issue during this trial program?  Additional Shoppers will likely create more work for our current cashiers and stockers. As Additional Shoppers are not working members, they will not fill shifts to compensate for the added work their shopping creates.  In addition, we may see increased shift shortfalls if active working members choose to become Additional Shoppers and stop working their shifts. If filling shifts becomes a critical issue during this trial period the Board of Directors will evaluate the situation and come up with solutions. These solutions may include decreasing store hours or requiring that working members with Additional Shoppers work extra hours to help with the increased work that has been created.

What if my partner and I are currently both active working members? Can one of us become the Additional Shopper to the other?  Yes. While we discourage current working members from leaving their working shifts, as it will create additional gaps in the shift schedule, moving from an active working member to an Additional Shopper is allowed. At that point, the annual administrative fee will need to be paid, that member’s status will change to inactive, and they will be granted Additional Shopper status.

What if the member that added me as their Additional Shopper becomes inactive?
Only Additional Shoppers associated with ACTIVE working members may shop at the Co-op. If a member becomes inactive, their Additional Shopper loses shopping privileges. Shopping may resume once the member becomes active again and makes up any shifts necessary to regain active status. The Additional Shopper also has the option of becoming an active working member.

When can I add an Additional Shopper? You can add an Additional Shopper only once during the trial period. If the Additional Shopper program is extended in November of 2012, we will use the Co-op’s fiscal year (October 1 through September 30) for administering this program. For example, if you added someone on January 3, 2013, you would not be able to change your Additional Shopper until October 1, 2013.

If I add an Additional Shopper on March 1, 2012 does the entire $36 administrative fee have to be paid?  No, because this is a trial and to keep everyone on the same schedule for paying the administrative fee, the $36 will be prorated. Therefore, if your Additional Shopper was added March 1, 2012 only a $24 administrative fee would need to be paid ($3 per month March through November).

When can the Additional Shopper start shopping? After filling out an application and attending orientation, Additional Shoppers pay the annual administrative fee and receive a Shopper number. If the Additional Shopper has attended orientation in the last 6 months, no orientation is needed; however, they must pay the administrative fee to complete the Additional Shopper registration.

As an Additional Shopper, if I decide to become an active Co-op member can I apply the administrative fees I paid as an Additional Shopper toward my Co-op membership share? Yes, the full amount of your administrative fees may be applied to the purchase of a Co-op membership share. Most Additional Shoppers will have paid enough administrative fees over four years to cover the cost of a full Co-op membership share. At that point all an Additional Shopper would need to do to become an active member is complete the paperwork, attend another orientation session (unless the original orientation session occurred less than six months before the transition to active membership), and start working a regularly scheduled shift. If your administrative fees total more than the $125 membership fee, you will not receive a refund.  Those who continue as an Additional Shopper must pay the administrative fee every year regardless of the cumulative amount.

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