Jul 13

Burning Issue of the Year: SPICE BAGS!

Burning Issue of the Year:  SPICE BAGS!

Yes, that’s right. The Co-op has recently had an enormous run on spice bags. Weird, I know. The issue is that they are prohibitively expensive- about 5 cents a bag. There have been some suggestions about how to deal with this cost:
  1. Charge for the spice bags.
  2. Build the cost into the spices.
  3. Do nothing- its’s the cost of doing business.
  4. Be more careful as a group how many of these bags we use.
Let me know your opinion. Email or accost me in the Co-op. Use the suggestion box. However you want to do it. In the end, we will do what ever the ownership wants.
What is odd to me is this: I will look in the back and see a big stack of bags, and a few days later they are all gone. One order may last 5 weeks, and one will last one week. It is maddening  to me. I frequently think about it. I insert it into conversations that have noting to do with this.  I post about it on Facebook daily. I take over Star Wars online forums with this question.  I go to confession daily just to talk to my priest about it. I have taken over the walls of  my basement with various theories, pictures, obscure graphs and charts relating to it.  But whatever. It’s not like I’m obsessed with it.

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  1. Jamie

    May be we should use the little jars and containers that we get in. I do not feel that we should be using bags of any kind when we have so many containers to use. We are suppose to be an environmentally friendly store anyways. Bags should be used only when nothing else is available. Just my opinion.

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