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Board of Directors

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Kim Bostrom

Kim grew up west of Kalispell and sometimes rode her horse to classes at her one room school in Pleasant Valley. After many years away “seeing the world,” she returned home, settling in Missoula to be near family and to pursue her dream of a building a small-scale homestead. Besides her passion for cooperative business and community, Kim loves giant horses, tiny goats, and seed saving.

Kim Gilchrist
Kim moved to Missoula almost five years ago, when she started getting bored with her work on retirement plan communications and decided that local food was way more interesting. She earned her Masters in Environmental Studies from UM, where she studied local food systems and co-ops. Now she works at CFAC coordinating the Double SNAP Dollars program. Her newest venture, aside from joining the co-op board, is baking bread.

Brian Smith

Brent Ryckman

Brent has been an active working owner of MCFC since the spring of 2011, acting as cashier, stocker, and “shift-leader.” What Brent loves about the Co-op is 1) the opportunity to be actively engaged in our local food supply chain, rather a passive consumer of the large, corporate food industries, and 2) the great community of friends, and neighbors that work alongside him to help make the Co-op successful. In his day-job as a professor at UM, Brent runs a research laboratory, teaches science courses, and serves on a number of university committees.

Lavonce Long

Jessica Glebke


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