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Valerie Hingston493

Val grew up in Concord, Massachusetts where she spent most of her childhood running, playing, and eating food from fruit trees that lined the farmland behind her home. She moved to Missoula in 2010 to serve as an AmeriCorps member for the Montana Conservation Corps and she fell in love with the west and decided to call Missoula her home. She is passionate about the great outdoors, community, and delicious and affordable local food.




Nick Grener - Nick experiences extreme anxiety when in a retail space larger than 2000 square feet.  He feels a sense of pride when he says any sentence that includes the words “our store.”  He gets grumpy if he doesn’t get his kale for breakfast.  He thrills at the prospect of making lists with titles like “Actionable Items.” He likes to estimate the approximate current weight of each bin as he peruses the bulk section, and often wonders about how much he’d have to save up to walk out of the door with the entire bin of French green lentils.  He is comforted by the predictability of standing monthly social engagements, especially ones that occur on Monday evenings.  He likes to think that he has some special qualities, but is OK with the fact that some people just like him for his Adirondack chairs.  These are some of the reasons why he enjoys the MCFC and being a member of its board.

Emily Lincoln – Emily comes to Montana from as a 3rd generation Puerto Rican living in the Bronx. She grew up a curious child, fascinated by the amazing things that grew in the cracks of the sidewalk. By the time she was 10, she had asked her mother if she could tear out the concrete in front of their apartment to plant native plants. She did, and enlisted the labor of her younger brother and all of his friends. In high school, she had become a full-blown horticulturist, establishing greenhouses on the rooves of her building and several neighboring buildings. She was the youngest of all vendors at the Bronx farmer’s markets. Emily graduated from the College of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Enterprise in Enniskillen, Ireland with a degree in advanced horticulture and moved to Missoula with an interest in food production and dog plowing. She lives in a geodesic dome on the Missoula’s Northside with her husband, cat and work dog, Porter.

Terri Roberts

TROB - tRoberts_director (10)Terri Roberts has lived her entire life in Montana migrating from Miles City to Missoula.  She studied business at MSUB, is an inactive CPA and has developed great interest in the  local food system and cooperative business. She has worked with various Missoula non-profits, Missoula Community Food Co-op (MCFC), Western Montana Growers Co-op and currently serves on the Board of Directors for North Missoula Community Development Corporation (NMCDC) and MCFC. Terri is very interested in promoting the democratic process in her immediate community through active participation in socially conscious organizations. She would like to translate her non-profit and cooperative knowledge to new projects that encourage education, equity, sound land and environmental stewardship along with access to local and nutritious food.


 Christian Russell


 Kim Bostrom


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