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Bobbe Almer (Bobbe’s Blog)

Several things about myself that influence the foods that I cook and love are likely to be familiar to you as well.  One, I prefer to spend my time doing something other than dishes and so if I can cook it all in one pot, that makes me happy.  Two, I love local produce and that means in the winter, it’s root crops like potatoes, beets and carrots, onions, garlic, and produce that I either grew in my garden and stored or purchased at the co-op from local sources.  Third, I’ve been known as the soup lady for some time now and even though I’ve moved on and sold my business The Art of Good Food,  I still identify with art, good food, and soup because it fits all my criteria.

With my new found freedom this winter, I’ve gone back to some of the recipes and cook books that I’ve used in years past.  This weekend, I dug out a cookbook written by Jeff Smith,  The Frugal Gourmet On our Immigrant Ancestors, copyright 1990.
I’ve actually made this recipe before and a number of other recipes represented in this book, but it’s been many years.  I was thinking about borscht last summer when I peeled, chopped, and froze a few quarts of Detroit Red beets that I grew in the garden. (I’ve never frozen beets before and they came out amazing, with good texture-like fresh cooked.)

I forgot to mention that I don’t cook from recipes.  I almost always use them as a jumping off point to do my own thing with what I have on hand. I am an artist and that translates into cooking as well as all other areas of my life.

Kate Hilmer (Kate’s Blog)

Kate learned to cook at home as a kid, but fell in love with food while working at various bakeries and coffee shops throughout college. She graduated in 2010 with a bachelors in fine art and spent six months in a teaching internship abroad before returning to Montana to pursue food and art as a career. If you spend the night at Blossom’s Bed and Breakfast, chances are she’ll be the one making your breakfast in the morning!

Kate lives with her boyfriend in downtown Missoula, where they eat really well despite their limited income and tiny kitchen.

Visit her blog – Natural Born Baker – for more food photos and writings on other things, from travel to knitting to general silliness.

Sarah B’s Bio

Sarah moved from Minnesota to Montana in 2010 to work as an AmeriCorps VISTA in Helena as a coordinator for their community garden project.  She met her boyfriend, Rabi, in Helena, and together they moved to Missoula in July 2011 to do another AmeriCorps VISTA term.  She currently is a VISTA for the Montana FoodCorps program, doing communication outreach work.  Sarah enjoys being active and outside, as well as eating good food.


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