The Missoula Community Cooperative (Co-op) is a owner run and collectively managed food cooperative inspired and driven by the active participation of our ownership. The Co-op operates as a model for economic, social and environmental justice and sustainability that builds partnerships with local farmers and producers and provides access to healthy, affordable and local foods. The Co-op is a community resource; a place to gather, exchange ideas and to learn through classes and workshops. It is a forum for discussion and a catalyst for action; we advocate for and are responsive to the greater needs of the Missoula community.


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The mission of the Missoula Community  Food Co-op is to operate a owner-run food cooperative that provides and promotes affordable access to local and healthful food while creating a vibrant forum for broadening community awareness and fostering collective creativity. Our model embodies a participatory and democratic business structure that operates for the benefit of its owners, the …

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International Cooperative Principles The International Cooperative Alliance Statement of Cooperative Identity Adopted September 1995 (From Challenges to Cooperative Board of Directors: Gutknecht and Zimbleman) ICA is an independent, non-governmental association which unites, represents and serves co-operatives worldwide. Founded in 1895, ICA has 251 member organisations from 93 countries active in all sectors of the economy. …

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The Missoula Community Food Co-op is rooted in a broad community effort to secure Missoula’s local food system and create greater food access for people of all incomes. Sparked by priorities expressed in the 2004 Missoula County Food Assessment and neighborhood surveys, the co-op is the culmination of years of research, collaboration and many people’s …

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Board of Directors

Contact the BOD at board(a)missoulafoodcoop.com Kim Bostrom Kim grew up west of Kalispell and sometimes rode her horse to classes at her one room school in Pleasant Valley. After many years away “seeing the world,” she returned home, settling in Missoula to be near family and to pursue her dream of a building a small-scale homestead. …

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Mudita Kristy Hinton, Workshift Outreach Coordinator Mudita, founder of Vital Living Solutions, brews up bone broth and assists the community as a wellness coach and yoga instructor.  She has over twenty years in the natural healing industry from local organic farming, preparing healing foods and herbal medicines, to working in and managing health food facilities …

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By-Laws & Policy

Master Policy Document (updated June 2016) MCFC-BY-LAWS 2012 Worker-Owner Code of Conduct (2017)      

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About our Blog Contributors

Bobbe Almer (Bobbe’s Blog) Several things about myself that influence the foods that I cook and love are likely to be familiar to you as well.  One, I prefer to spend my time doing something other than dishes and so if I can cook it all in one pot, that makes me happy.  Two, I …

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