Nov 24

A Thankful Cooperative

A Thankful Cooperative
It’s the time of year to reflect as individuals on what we deem best about our lives and it seems appropriate to think similarly about our Co-op. The number one reason for collective appreciation is our coordinator team who selflessly give beyond the call of duty to keep the store operating efficiently. Our coordinators regularly work at least 10 hours per week over their paid time to fill the gaps left when owners cannot work shifts. Please be mindful of Christian and Lee during the holiday season and beyond when you find it challenging to be at your prearranged shift. And with that, please think twice when there is a call for help when shifts need filling. You will bank work credit, move the co-op towards business sustainability while building some lovely goodwill that will always be in your favor. We must have each other’s cooperative back to achieve our mission-based goals.

We also have a lot to be thankful for with our committed owners. Our retail grocery cooperative continues to exist because of the reliability of around 300 owners who are complicit in our model by spending much of their grocery budget at the co-op AND consistently working their 3 hour shift every four weeks. These owners understand their personal role in our collective success and have made our co-op a priority in their weekly routine. Thank you, thank you….we simply would not be here without you.

Let’s look forward to an intentionally benevolent holiday season and be thankful for how much we have grown since our bitty store opened in December of 2007 and let’s aspire to create a food cooperative that fulfills its mission by creating more affordable access to healthy food. Remember Co-op gift cards for friends and family and please consider adding a bag of bulk beans or other bulk whole foods to the Food Bank barrel in the foyer (with bulk, please label with ingredients and perhaps a simple recipe?). There are lots of great things ahead of us as we gear up for 2015 and continue to strive to provide increased food security for all. We would love to see friends and co-owners whom haven’t been around for a while – we are still here and so is your ownership in the co-op, it’s so easy to plug back in and we are thrilled each time a familiar face comes back through our sliding doors.

Finally, let’s be thankful for equality and democratic decision making that sets us apart from other grocery retail stores. Use your ownership voice to tell us what we can do better. What are your creative ideas? We love owner initiative and have many committee spots to fill. We all have an equal voice here, change is achievable and a more committed approach to our cooperative will allow us more unity and get us closer to food democracy. THANK YOU for indulging this long post and have a great Thanksgiving!!

Cooperatively Yours,
Terri Roberts
Board of Directors

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