Jun 02

Thai-Marinated Tofu Curry

  We eat a lot of Thai food in this apartment. I won’t go so far as to say we know all about authentic Thai (yet!) We’ve got a couple cookbooks, and sometimes we try to mimic the flavors of Sawadee. What we mostly make is curry, but according to my favorite Thai cooking site, curry …

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May 28

Spring Volcanic Garlic

Allicin’s Ranch Living on a bench above the Kootenai River at 48 degrees N poses its challenges to living a sustainable existence.  For 12 years, we have learned the art of organic farming from one of the movement’s pioneers, and my uncle, David.  As we were doing so, we migrated like so many intelligent birds …

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May 13

Simple Granola

On my first day at the B&B, I was watching Blossom serve breakfast to the guests when her husband Troy handed me a small bowl of granola and yogurt. “You have to try this!” he said, “it’s our own homemade granola.” I had never made granola before and was quite impressed, especially at how delicious …

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May 06

Voting Results

So the voting is done and everything counted, and the proposal has passed.  Now you are thinking “what happens next?” .  This is what happens.  Starting officially on June 12th of this year, the public will be able to shop whenever they want. Active owners get a discount that will be taken at the register.  …

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Mar 16

A Tale of two Ketchups

From Bob Oaks Heinz organic ketchup is probably a more sound political choice than Woodstock Foods organic ketchup — even though Heinz smacks of “big corporate” to most people.  The fact is that UNFI’s Woodstock brand is also big corporate despite its considerable efforts at green-washing. Heinz ketchup was actually the first commercially produced “health food” …

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New Hours

NEW HOURS starting February 29th! Monday – Friday now opening at 10AM!

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The Co-operative Re-THINK Survey (RESULTS)

Thanks to everyone who attended last nights Re-Think session with our community neighbors NCBI MISSOULA (and to all of you who completed the survey). There was some thoughtful discussion (AND A LOT OF COOPERATION)- more opportunities are coming to guide your Food Co-op successfully into the future WHILE HAVING A HUGE IMPACT ON AFFORDABLE ACCESS! …

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Sep 29

Try This – Crispy Kale Chips !

This week the Missoula Community Food Co-op features local kale… that dark, cruciferous vegetable that makes an appearance from fall to spring. Full of nutrients and antioxidants, it helps lower cholesterol and promotes eye-health, among other benefits. Whether these benefits are more pronounced when kale is cooked or eaten raw is up for debate, but in …

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Sep 19

Sweet Potato Egg Basket

Try something new for breakfast! You will need 1 medium size sweet potato per 2 eggs, any flavor of potato can be substituted. Shred potato with grater or food processor. Saute potatoes till cooked almost all the way.                   Arrange potatoes into baskets on cookie sheet. Crack egg …

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Aug 20

Got Basil – Got Garlic!

Got Basil – Got Garlic Let’s make pesto!   I’ve had no less than 3 inquiries about my pesto recipe in the last week, so it sounds like it’s time. My basil and garlic are ready to go, so rather than wait another minute, here is my “not so secret” recipe. Basil and garlic are among …

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