Oct 25

Coordinating from the North Country

Hello friends! I am sorry to miss the meeting and potluck tonight; sharing food and ideas and laughter with all of you is one of my greatest pleasures. But I am approximately twenty five hundred miles away, sitting in a small cafe in my hometown of Canton, NY having just finished lunch with my brother …

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Sep 15

Fried Green Tomatoes

INGREDIENTS: ~5 green tomatoes 1 egg 1/2 cup sour cream (substitute milk or non dairy milk) 1 cup all-purpose flour (substitute gluten-free flour) 1 cup cornmeal 2 teaspoons coarse kosher salt 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper oil for frying   METHOD: Slice tomatoes. Whisk eggs and sour cream together in a wide bowl. Put flour …

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Sep 03

Eggplant & Mushroom Veggieballs with Romesco Sauce

Ingredients: 1 large eggplant, peeled and chopped 8-10 mushrooms, finely chopped ½ cup onion, chopped ½ cup bread crumbs 2 cups kale, chopped 2 small-medium or 1 large egg (vegan option – omit egg,  add ¼ cup oil) Olive oil Salt and pepper   Romesco Sauce 1 large slice crusty bread, day old or fresh …

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Aug 25

Big Issues, Little Co-op

Big Issues, Little Co-op At the owner meeting last night (thanks to all who attended!) we were lucky enough to have two presentations from local groups taking on some big (inter)national issues. I’ll share a quick overview of what we heard and maybe some ideas for follow up: The Montana Reproductive Rights Coalition presented their concerns about …

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Jul 25


The Missoula Community Food Co-op finance committee is looking for Missoula business owners who are also Co-op owners. We would like to offer you the opportunity to put the Co-op’s buying power and brand to work for your business.   What items do you need for your business that the Co-op provides? Coffee and tea? …

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Mar 10

Caribbean Inspiration – Stuffed Winter Squash

Who wouldn’t like to be sitting on the beach right now with one of those umbrella drinks and a good book?  While I can’t inspire that transition, I can put together a recipe that will use up some of those stored onions and winter squash with a little Caribbean flair. I’ve always liked the flavors …

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Mar 05

Savory Snowman Soup

It’s a snowy blustery day here in western Montana, but it’s January 30th and this is the first real snow we’ve had since the first of the year.  It’s a perfect day for Savory Snowman Soup! Savory Snowman Soup is something I made to peek the curiosity of young and picky eaters.  How could they …

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Feb 05

The Skinny on Fats


What are the healthiest fats you can use in your kitchen? Well, that depends on who you ask. If you ask  us, of course, we’ll tell you to use traditional fats that have been around forever — like beef tallow, coconut oil, olive oil, and of course, butter! Usually, with modern guidelines of conventional “wisdom,” …

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Feb 05

Shrimp- the trials and tribulations

shrimp tasty

I don’t know if this post is an example of “a fool rushing in” or a “little bit of knowledge being a dangerous thing.”  I’ll have to risk the above failings in order to oblige Kate’s request that I do some research on shrimp, especially in terms of healthy eating and ethical sourcing. I now …

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Jan 12

PH: the PHantastic Truth!

Do you understand the importance of alkaline and acid in the body? The most important thing to know is that illness is cause by acid. If we could teach you one thing…this would be it. Acid and alkaline balance is important to your health. Many of our clients did not know about their bodies PH …

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